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Corelan® Exploit Development

Corelan's world-renowned "Exploit development for Windows" classes are a unique learning experience, compiling years of rich hands-on experience into meticulously designed courses. The "Bootcamp" focuses on stack-based exploitation now 100% Windows 10 based which contains intro to x64 stack-based exploitation, and the "Advanced" course dives deep into the fascinating world of the windows heap exploitation and memory leaks now Windows 7 & 10 Heap and contains intro to x64 stack and heap exploitation. These courses cover topics that others don't teach, share private research and practical tips & tricks to become better at writing exploits for the Windows platform, and aims at inspiring you how to perform research by yourself.

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Source Incite's Full Stack Web Attack

Full Stack Web Attack is not an entry-level course. It’s designed to push you beyond what you thought was possible and set you on the path to develop your own workflow for offensive zero-day Web research. Many Web application testers and bounty hunters are focused on attacking Web applications via a blackbox approach. However, given today’s Web technology landscape, code is getting more abstracted, frameworks are being added and complexity is on the rise and as such, so are the vulnerabilities. Old techniques are being replaced with new Web attack research which is limited to a handful of world renowned experts.


Agarri's "Mastering Burp Suite Pro"

Burp Suite Pro is the leading tool for auditing Web applications at large, but also a complex beast where new features get added every few weeks. Mastering Burp Suite Pro, including its newest features, allows testers to get the most out of the tool, optimizing time spent auditing and testing. Work will be faster (hotkeys!) and much more efficient (more tools, more possibilities!). Attendees will also learn to measure and assess the quality of their attacks, a crucial skill in real-life engagements that can make the difference between a false-negative and a critical finding.


Applied Data Science for Cyber Security

This interactive course teaches security professionals how to use data science techniques to quickly manipulate and analyze network and security data and ultimately uncover valuable insights. Topics range from data preparation and feature engineering to machine learning and implementation.

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Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation

Modern Web applications are complex and it’s all about full-stack these days. That’s why you need to dive into full-stack exploitation if you want to master Web attacks and maximize your payouts. Say ‘No’ to classical Web application hacking. Join this unique hands-on training and become a full-stack exploitation master.


Physical Penetration Testing

In this intense five-day course, students will learn a variety of covert techniques used to enter secure commercial facilities. From lock picking and key decoding to RFID cloning and alarm sensor bypassing, students who demonstrate hands-on proficiency in key tactics will earn a Certificate of Completion.


Tactical Exploitation: Attacking Windows/Unix

This four-day course introduces a tactical approach that does not rely on exploiting known vulnerabilities. Using a combination of new tools and lesser-known techniques, participants will learn how hackers compromise Windows and Unix systems without depending on standard exploits. The class alternates between theory and hands-on testing, providing students with an opportunity to put their new skills to the test. Course content features the latest security practices including Windows 2016 and additional WMI-based techniques.

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