Center for Cyber Security Training is committed to offering industry-leading cyber security training and education from the world’s foremost subject matter experts. Our interactive workshops are designed to bring you the latest intelligence, trends and insights from around the world.

We transform the standard workshop model with a unique approach that delivers hands-on training and opportunities for discussion so you can apply what you’ve learned---with confidence, to real-world scenarios.

Upcoming Workshops

There are no upcoming workshops at this time.

Past Workshops


Cyber Operations Workshop

This is NOT a death by PowerPoint, not a high-level theory type of workshop. This is a live fire, fingers-on-the-keyboard attack/defend/communicate training environment.


Hackers Unification Workshop

Social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information and it’s a growing cyber security threat. In this workshop, participants will leverage advanced technological attacks in a social engineering environment.


Cyber Warriors Unification Workshop

Cyber warriors, unite! This workshop brings the industry’s foremost cyber security experts together for a deep dive into mission-critical topics—from data analytic techniques and abusing trust between systems to uncovering a burglar’s tactics and how to attack complex Java objects for unauthenticated remote code execution. Our presenters will share lessons learned and best practices from decades of hands-on experience defending (and infiltrating) some of the world’s most secure networks and facilities. This interactive workshop is meant to challenge your thinking and encourage candid discussions.