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Center for Cyber Security Training

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Center for Cyber Security Training provides the latest in cyber security training to arm military and corporate professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to fulfill their cyber mission.

Why Choose Center for Cyber Security Training?


Learn from the World’s Foremost Experts

The headlines are troubling: Cyber criminals are growing more sophisticated and more organized every day. Your organization needs trained specialists focused on identifying, understanding and fighting these threats using the latest technology and methodologies. Center for Cyber Security Training has earned a reputation for providing clients with the industry’s most qualified instructors—world renowned experts in their respective fields.


Access our Expert Team

With decades of experience in the delivery of cyber security training to the nation’s foremost government agencies, our founder Mary Ellen de Castro launched Center for Cyber Security Training to meet the demand for student-centric training. She understands that student success is the result of practical training from qualified instructors that have both proven expertise in the subject matter and a passion for educating our first line of defense.

“I can honestly say Center for Cyber Security Training will definitely provide you with positive, prompt customer support and training that will greatly benefit your employees. They are a pleasure to do business with and I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

- Pete H


Get Hands-On Experience

Online courses are convenient but when it comes to matters of national security, front line cyber security professionals need hands-on experience in order to react quickly and effectively. Center for Cyber Security Training blends classroom theory with real world scenarios that are designed to test skills in high pressure environments. Your team will leave the classroom ready to apply their training to the protection of privacy and security.


Trust an Innovative Approach

Foreign and domestic adversaries are determined to infiltrate our nation’s most secure, encrypted systems for a variety of reasons—costing billions of dollars in damage. Center for Cyber Security Training goes beyond technical training to understand the psychology behind these attacks. A focus on the aggressors’ underlying motivations for cyber security invasions can have a positive impact on the timing and effectiveness of the response.


Benefit from Specialized Training

Whether you’re building your technical team, introducing emerging technology practices or launching new software, Center for Cyber Security Training works to understand your vision to deliver the required expertise in a customized training environment. We are 100% focused on achieving your desired learning outcomes and we’ll consult with you to define them.