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During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have on-site training protocol in accordance with CDC guidance as well as state and local laws to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Find the protocol below:

  • Temperature checks every day
  • 1-2 students per table
  • Air purifiers throughout the room
  • Sanitizing wipes, individual hand sanitizers and disposable face masks will be provided
  • Students should apply social distancing during breaks
  • If you're experiencing symptoms, please don't show up to training

This interactive course will teach security professionals how to use data science techniques to quickly manipulate and analyze network and security data and ultimately, uncover valuable insights. You will learn how to read data in common formats and write scripts to analyze and visualize that data. Topics range from data preparation and machine learning to model evaluation, optimization and implementation—at scale. Learn more

Fall 2023 - TBA 2024 - TBA
Bootcamp - November 5-8, 2018
Advanced - January 28-31, 2019
Bootcamp - July 22-25, 2019
Advanced (Columbia, MD) - September 23-26, 2019 Bootcamp (Columbia, MD) - March 8-11, 2021
Advanced (Columbia, MD) - May 17-20, 2021
Bootcamp (Columbia, MD) - June 14-17, 2021
Advanced (Columbia, MD) - July 19-22, 2021
Corelan Bootcamp – Stack Exploitation: May 6-9, 2024 Corelan Advanced – Heap Exploitation: June 17-20, 2024 Corelan Bootcamp – Stack Exploitation: August 26-29, 2024 Corelan Advanced – Heap Exploitation: September 9-12. 2024

HackerOne bug hunters have earned over $100 million in bug bounties thus far. Some of HackerOne customers include the United States DoD, General Motors, Uber, Twitter, and Yahoo. It clearly shows where the challenges and opportunities are for you in the upcoming years. What you need is a solid technical training by one of the top all-time HackerOne bug hunters.

Modern web applications are complex and it’s all about full-stack nowadays. That’s why you need to dive into full-stack exploitation if you want to master web attacks and maximize your payouts. Say ‘No’ to classical web application hacking. Join this unique hands-on training and become a full stack exploitation master.

Click here to watch 3 exclusive videos (~1 hour) and get a feel for this live online training.

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Threat modeling is the primary security analysis task performed during the software design stage. Threat modeling is a structured activity for identifying and evaluating application threats and vulnerabilities. The security objectives, threats, and attacks modeling activities during the threat modeling are designed to help you find vulnerabilities in your application and the supporting architecture. You can use the identified vulnerabilities to help shape your design and direct and scope your security testing.

(Hybrid Format that is spread out throughout 4 days) TBA
In this intense five-day course, students will learn a variety of covert techniques used to enter secure commercial facilities. From lock picking and key decoding to RFID cloning and alarm sensor bypassing, participants will receive instruction from the foremost covert entry industry authorities. This course will challenge students to maneuver their way through real-world scenarios. Students who demonstrate proficiency will receive a Certificate of Completion.



This four-day course introduces a tactical approach that does not rely on exploiting known vulnerabilities. Using a combination of new tools and lesser-known techniques, participants will learn how hackers compromise Windows and Unix systems without depending on standard exploits. The class alternates between theory and hands-on testing, providing students with an opportunity to put their new skills to the test. Course content features the latest security practices including Windows 2016 and additional WMI-based techniques. Learn more

Cyber warriors, unite! This workshop brings the industry’s foremost cyber security experts together for a deep dive into mission-critical topics—from data analytic techniques and abusing trust between systems to uncovering a burglar’s tactics and how to use JWT tokens to bypass authentication schemes.

Training conducted on private basis (please inquire)
Training conducted on private basis (please inquire)
Training conducted on private basis (please inquire)
Training on private basis (please inquire)
Training on private basis (please inquire)
December 12-16, 2022 February 6-10, 2023 April 10-14, 2023 June 12-16, 2023 August 21-25, 2023 October 16-20, 2023