Physical Penetration Testing

Instructed by Robert Pingor, Chris Cochran, Brian Rea, Babak Javadi

This intense five-day training is geared toward students who need to be spun up rapidly in the field of physical site compromise and entry. Professionals already working in the field who wish to hone their existing covert entry capabilities will also derive great benefit from taking this course. A wide range of topics including multiple special focus modules across a variety of physical, digital, and human attack surfaces will be covered in great detail. This course covers topics from lock manipulation and bypass to mission planning including reconnaissance and target evaluation. Vulnerabilities in electronic physical access control systems and other enterprise security systems are also explored.

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Learn the following key skills:

  • Covert Entry Overview (Laws and Restrictions)
  • Pin Tumbler Lock Manipulation (Pick-Resistant Locks)
  • Wafer Locks in Cabinets and Panels
  • Warded Locks on Perimeter Barriers
  • Tubular Lock Systems
  • Cruciform locks
  • Bump Key Usage
  • Lock and Key Decoding
  • Key Origination
  • Key Control
  • Attacks Combination Locks and Lock Boxes
  • Padlock Bypassing
  • Door Latch and Deadbolt Bypassing (Residential vs Commercial Door Systems)
  • Impressioning
  • Master-Keyed Systems
  • Molding and Casting Keys
  • Elevator Systems
  • Electronic Physical Access Control Systems (RFID Credentials, Sensor Hardware, Controller Logic, Credential Cloning, Wiegand Interception, PIN Code Attacks)
  • Telephony Access Control Systems
  • Default Keys
  • Reconnaissance and Target Evaluation
  • Social Engineering
  • Destructive Entry
  • Field Expedient Tool Fabrication
  • Locksmith Software and Tools
  • Photographic Key Duplication
  • Forensic Locksmithing

Graduates of the training program can expect to be able to evaluate and approach a target structure -- whether commercial or residential -- and formulate a plan for gaining entry to the buildings and grounds as well as assorted locked containers and secured spaces that lay within, all with a focus on non-destructive techniques. Whether operating under the aegis of government authority or acting in a private sector security evaluation capacity, students will leave class equipped both mentally and materially to tackle the kinds of situations that our industry routinely presents to field agents.

Certification Preparation: This training course is seen by most in the industry as a key initial step on the pathway toward achievement of the tiered Red Team Certification Group credentialing process. Most participants who complete the course find themselves well prepared for the knowledge exam and practical hands-on exam portions of the Covert Entry Associate certification.


Beginner to Advanced


In person & Live-Online


October 16-20, 2023 (Paradise, NV & Live-Online) January 29-February 2, 2024 (Paradise, NV & Live-Online)


5 days, 40 hours


For companies wishing to expand the scope of their internal security staff’s abilities and responsibilities

  • Standard Rate


A laptop is required for this class. For the RFID and Electronic Access Control modules of the class, students will work with tools such as the Proxmark3 device, at such time they will utilize their laptop which should be running Windows 10 natively (not in a VM) with local admin rights enabled.


No previous physical security experience required

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Robert Pingor

Robert Pingor is Chief of The CORE Group’s Law Enforcement Division. Prior to that he founded Nomad Tactical Solutions. His policing and operations background was honed during his years at the National Security Agency where he served with distinction in four different specialty units as a Corporal.

Robert has extensive training in both the government and private sectors. He has instructed for the Department of Defense, the State Department, the National Security Agency, the United States Air Force, the United States Military Academy at West Point, the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, the National Defense University, the Sig Sauer Academy and countless local law enforcement agencies. Additionally, he regularly conducts trainings for Black Hat, the SANS Institute, Google, and other technical conferences.

Outside of work Robert volunteers for a variety of charities and non-profits. He runs the Future Blue Program, an organization dedicated to developing young people into competent law enforcement professionals, and he trains volunteers to fight childhood sex trafficking. His work has been featured in Recoil Magazine, Counterterrorist Magazine, Tribecca Film Festival and the web tv series The Sentinel.

I really enjoyed the course! It was interesting to see a different perspective on penetration testing and ways of progressing from recon to initial access to escalating privilege and lateral movement.

- Robert L., Washington, DC

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