Physical Penetration Testing

In this intense five-day course, students will learn a variety of covert techniques used to enter secure commercial facilities. From lock picking and key decoding to RFID cloning and alarm sensor bypassing, participants will receive instruction from the foremost covert entry industry authorities. This course will challenge students to maneuver their way through real-world scenarios. Students who demonstrate proficiency will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Learn the following key skills:

  • Lock Picking
  • Advanced Lock Bumping
  • Lock Decoding
  • Key Decoding
  • Key Impressioning
  • Key Mold and Cast Techniques
  • Master Key Privilege Escalation
  • Lock Bypass Methods
  • Lock Cylinder Forensics
  • Bypassing of Electronic Access Controls
  • RFID Cloning / Replay / Bypass
  • Alarm Sensor Bypass
  • Construction of Field Expedient Tools
  • Facility / Site Recon
  • Physical > Digital > Social Attack Chain

Each student will be issued a professional covert entry toolkit to be used for the duration of the Course, which they are able to keep.


Beginner to Advanced


In person


Fredericksburg, VA (Main site), client site (upon request)


5 days, 40 hours


For companies wishing to expand the scope of their internal security staff’s abilities and responsibilities


No computer is needed


No previous physical security experience required

Why choose the Center for Cyber Security Training

Interactive, classroom-based learning

Subject matter experts

Trusted by US government agencies

I really enjoyed the course! It was interesting to see a different perspective on penetration testing and ways of progressing from recon to initial access to escalating privilege and lateral movement.

- Robert L., Washington, DC

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Upcoming Training Sessions

October 18-22, 2021 (Fredericksburg, VA/Live-Online) January 10-14, 2022 (Fredericksburg, VA/Live-Online)

Classes are limited.

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