Center for Cyber Security Training and Corelan Consulting are pleased to announce an exclusive training partnership for the North American market. Under the terms of the agreement, Center for Cyber Security Training is the only training firm in North America authorized to offer the industry leading Corelan courses.

“For the past several years, we have worked with Corelan to bring their innovative offerings to our IT professionals in the US Army, US Navy as well to corporate clients,” said Mary Ellen de Castro, Founder of Center for Cyber Security Training. “The feedback we’ve received from students on everything from course content to the quality of instruction has been outstanding and we are honored to secure their expertise for our clients.”

Corelan’s courses are recognized as “the best on the planet”

Led by world-renowned IT training specialist, Peter Van Eeckhoutte, Corelan offers two classroom-based, intensive courses focused on the exploitation of memory corruptions on the Microsoft Windows operating system: Bootcamp and Advanced.

Corelan Bootcamp is four days of hardcore, hands-on training that focuses on stack-based exploitation. Students will learn how to write reliable exploits for the Win32 platform (Windows 10), starting with the basics of stack buffer overflows and exploit writing.

Corelan Advanced is a fast-paced four-day deep dive into the fascinating world of the Windows heap exploitation and memory leaks. Students will learn how the Windows 7 and Windows 10 Heap Manager works, how to write exploits for complex heap related memory corruptions on the Win32 platform and what to look for when trying to find vulnerabilities in the Windows ecosystem.

These courses cover topics that others don't teach, share private research and practical tips & tricks to become better at writing exploits for the Windows platform. Students leave inspired to perform their own research and fully prepared to take action.

The Most Trusted Cyber Security Training Provider in America

Center for Cyber Security’s partnerships with leading trainers solidify its reputation for providing clients with the industry’s most sought-after instructors—world renowned experts in their respective fields. Delivered in a customized training environment, courses are 100% focused on achieving desired learning outcomes. Teams leave the classroom ready to apply their training to their lives in and out of the work environment. Visit the Center for Cyber Security website for more information.